Kids Book Outlet is dedicated to making book purchases fast and simple. Our Book Genie makes it easy to select a collection of brand new, high quality, discounted books for your recipients.-->

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Kids Book Outlet dedicated to making book purchases fast and simple. Using a proprietary technique called Shopping Cart Builder sm, it is easy to select a collection of new, quality, discounted books based upon the age profiles of the recipients.


Shopping Cart Builder sm

The Shopping Cart Builder create4sr a collection of books based upon the ages of the children . This collection is placed in the shopping cart. The shopping cart can be edited to add, delete and change the quantities of books. When building, there is the option of starting the cart from scratch or appending to the existing items.

There are 4 items that affect the books selected::

  1. Budget Amount (minimum of $200);
  2. Books/Title - the quantity of each title selected;
  3. Ages off the recipients - Using the sliders you set the % breakdown of each age group;
  4. Append To Cart - This option appears if the are existing books in the cart,

Once the Select Books button is pressed, the shopping cart is filled and then displayed.

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