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Simply plug in your budget and Shopping AssistantSM automatically generates a list of books appropriate for the age groups you want to reach. Then you can edit the list any way you like.

Book Buying Made Easy

Enter the number of children you want to reach and their ages, and Shopping AssistantSM will automatically generate a list based on quantity.

A Book For Every Kid

Because of our direct relationship with Merriam-Webster you can buy brand new dictionaries and thesauruses at the best prices possible for these fundamental student tools.

Low Cost Dictionaries & Thesauruses

You can assemble your own list of titles by browsing our online catalogue. If you have specific titles in mind, see if we have them at our deeply discounted rates. We're NOT Amazon – we don't have every title. But we do have an amazing diversity of brand new, high quality books in every category.

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If you get stuck, don’t give up!  We’re here to help you run your most effective literacy program ever, whether it be for kids or adults, whether it be nearby in your neighborhood, or halfway around the world.
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Kids Book Outlet makes it simpler and less expensive for those in charge of getting books for their schools, service organizations, clubs or churches. We provide new books suitable for all ages from pre-school through K-12 and young adult...and SHIPPING IS FREE in the contiguous 48 states and lower Canadian provinces.

Don't let your book purchasing budget run away with you ...

Our prices are 50% or more off what you'd pay online, with many titles priced at 70% or even more off retail. We can more than double the purchasing power of your. budget.

Let our Shopping Assistantsm Help You ...

We've automated the most complex and time-consuming part of buying books for those without library experience – assembling a list of appropriate titles by age. You enter the percentage of the recipients in the age groups you're targeting, and we'll automatically generate a list of age-appropriate titles. You can then edit the list to your liking, or accept it as is.

Need Dictionaries or Thesauruses...

We also offer exceptionally low prices on brand new Webster’s dictionaries and thesauruses – the fundamental building blocks of any literacy program.

For low budgert projects and needs ...

We have slightly marred, brand new books by the boxed palette-load at well over 90% off MSRP. We can even help you ship them anywhere in the world. We can do customization of these titles by category. Note: these pallets require customer paid shipping.Order By Book Pallet

Our roots are in Community Service ...

Kids Book Outlet was founded by Rotary club members who understand the challenges and pressures of running literacy programs. We’ve done everything possible to make the selection and purchasing process less time-consuming, more rewarding and less expensive for all involved.

We support Eradicating Polio ...

A portion of every order goes towards Rotary’s PolioPlus initiative.

Not sure if Kids Book Outlet fits your needs ...

Give us a try. Go to Order By Budget and see how easy it really is. There’s no obligation.

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